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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Swarming Jatai Bees

Since we last posted here we moved. In our new backyard there are some fruit trees. One day, July 15, 2009, we had an incredible event in our yard.

Judy came running into the house to tell me the Jatai Bees were swarming.

Here is the first pic. There were hundreds of tiny bees flying around their nest.

This is the entrance to the nest. A wooden pipe in the wall. If you look carefully you can see the tiny bees.

They didn´t go anywhere. They just swarmed in front of the entrance to their nest.

There were hundreds of them.

If you listened real close you could hear a faint buzzing sound. But enlarge the pic by clicking on it and look at the bees crowding around the entrance to the nest.

The only fruit blossoms around were these mangos but that was the week previous and there were no Jatai bees on these blossoms.

These amazing little bees do not sting so I could get real close to take pics. They only stayed two days.

Photos by Urso Branco

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